Trevor in tankHarsh operating conditions, length of service and operational competency are all major factors that can affect the safety and reliability of a seagoing vessel. Condition surveys will provide clients with accurate, detailed information about a vessel’s seaworthiness, maintenance history and integrity of equipment.

Highly qualified specialists from Aalmar Surveys provide comprehensive survey reports, condition and evaluation audits on vessels located all over the world, whether afloat or in dry dock. Surveys and inspections are carried out quickly, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Client empathy – we recognise that our clients are contemplating a major investment and treat every survey as if the purchasing decision was our own

Among the services provided are:
– Pre-purchase inspection
– Sale handover supervision
– Project cargo loadouts and on-off hire
– Warranty surveys and towage approval
– Small craft and yacht condition assessment
– Detailed damage and repair evaluation of hull and machinery
– Corrosion evaluation and steel replacement
– Drafting of yard specifications and working drawings
– New building and conversion superintendency

The team also deals with P&I Club projects including pre-entry, condition, damage, wet and dry cargo.

Reports incorporate detailed statistics, inspection data, photographs delivered through our own secure Photozone and other supporting information. They will identify potential problems, failure analysis and other information so that clients are fully appraised in their decision making.

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